Smart Vision Lights Signs with Contel Automation & Control, Ltd.

Smart Vision Lights Signs with Contel Automation & Control, Ltd.


Smart Vision Lights recently signed with Contel Automation & Control Ltd., a leading Israeli distributor and system integrator for automation and control in all industry segments. Serviced by Tony Carpenter, business development manager for Europe and Asia, the arrangement provides for Contel to distribute SVL LED lights and accessories throughout Israel.

“This exciting development fully aligns with our plans to expand our global reach into the Middle East and Asia,” said Dave Spaulding, president of SVL. “Contel’s reputation for providing support and access to professional experts adds to their value. We couldn’t be happier.”

Contel provides control and automation hardware and software solutions for industrial installations in the renewable energy, food, pharmaceutical, process control, plastics, semiconductors and electronics, infrastructure, and water management sectors. Contel Group, the daughter company of Contel Automation & Control, implements turnkey projects in Israel and abroad, drawing on the wide-ranging capabilities from the group’s manufacturing and engineering subsidiaries.

Headquartered in Daniv Park, Petah Tikva, Israel, Contel has offices in the south of Israel (Omer) and in the north (Bar-lev) and currently employs 220 people, primarily engineers and practical engineers in the areas of electricity, machinery, electronics, systems analysis, software development, communications, and quality control.

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