SSL Launches 1 Million+ Candela ‘Lazer’ Luminaire

SSL (Solid State Luminaires) introduces the Lazer.  This super-optic luminaire is a powerful white CCT fixture that delivers over 1 million candela and uses a unique optical system to offer one of the most impressive long-casting lighting solutions in the market.  It’s part of our Lazer Series featuring high-performance, super optic luminaires with long-throw grazer, wall wash, flood and spot flood capabilities.

Lazer delivers over 1 million candela using its native 3° optic with a Single Module unit, which has the capability to throw light over 980 feet away.

Typical applications include: Large buildings, Arenas, Towers, Monuments, Bridges,  Tunnels and more.

Lazer installs with an integrated steel yoke mount. The single-piece steel yoke mount design uses compound angled corners for added strength and rigidity. There are three different sizes to support the 1, 2 & 3 Module units. Each end of the fixture has a 180° incremental adjustment for setting light direction.

Located in St. Charles, IL, Solid State Luminaires excels at architectural and linear LED lighting for both indoor & outdoor applications.

SSL Launches 1 Million+ Candela 'Lazer' Luminaire

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