The Best Methods for Corrosion Prevention for Lighting in Salt Heavy Environments

Offshore and coastal applications are among some of the most challenging industrial
environments on earth due to the toll that corrosive atmospheres can have on equipment,
including lighting. Heavy salt concentrations can literally eat away metal structures reducing
their structural integrity and creating a safety risk.

At industrial work sites it is common for lighting products to utilize metals such as
aluminum in their fixture housings and hardware due to its structural robustness and ability to
dissipate heat in order to protect internal electronic components. However, in environments with
heavy salt concentrations, several safety issues can arise when light fixture performance and
mechanical integrity is compromised.

Corrosion affects light fixtures in the following ways. 1: The structure of the fixture
itself, mounting brackets and hardware, such as screws, can deteriorate, causing the structural
integrity of the fixture to fail which could result in injury if a fixture were to fall or break apart.
2: Vulnerable electronic components within the fixture such as drivers and LEDs can be
damaged reducing light output and hampering clear visibility of hazards.

The severity of this corrosion is dependent on many factors such as the material affected
and the salt and moisture levels within the operating environment. Corrosion prevention is
considered an integral part of safety measures in any industrial facility.

Over the last decade, Dialight has invested tens of thousands of hours measuring
corrosion resistance with our technology partners. “We have learned the significance of
metallurgy, surface preparation, coating technology and robust validation testing.
We confidently stand behind not only our certification but our industry- leading ten-year warranty. At Dialight, every component is carefully considered to ensure optimal performance and safety in harsh industrial conditions. Our superior dual powder coat finish is proven to withstand the harshest conditions. Moreover, we utilize stainless steel hardware and secondary retention brackets that are highly resistant to corrosion. Poor visibility due to insufficient lighting is one of the leading causes of injuries at industrial work sites. In challenging environments, such as highly corrosive conditions, don’t risk your employees’ safety with generic light fixtures. Look for products with features designed to last,” said Jason DiPasquale, Mechanical Engineer at Dialight.


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