The Fulham “Lighting Bible” is Back – as is the Iconic Horse!

The Fulham "Lighting Bible" is Back – as is the Iconic Horse!

Fulham’s third iteration of its award-winning Lighting Guide, casually dubbed the “Lighting Bible” by the lighting trade, is back in its newest installment since 2015. This version leads with Fulham’s advancements in lighting solutions featuring Wireless Connectivity, followed by other areas in which it serves, including Emergency solutions and UV/Germicidal solutions. 

What distinguishes this sales literature as more than a mere catalog is the historical background and educational reference information infused throughout. It truly is a resource for past and present lighting innovations and solutions that engages readers with factoids, stories, quotes, photos and illustrations about everything from technological developments across the ages, to who Tesla and other notable inventors were, to how Bluetooth got its name, to how LED modules are being adopted for vertical farming, and much more.

Additionally, Fulham’s well-recognized Horse iconography has re-emerged with colorful, new symbols associated with its specialty IceHorse refrigeration ballasts, WorkHorse programmable drivers, FireHorse emergency backup systems, SunHorse ballasts for air & water purification, and more. The horse is back!

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