Thorn Introduces Flow – Their Most Versatile Outdoor Luminaire Yet

Thorn Introduces Flow – Their Most Versatile Outdoor Luminaire Yet


Thorn Lighting is proud to announce the launch of Flow, taking versatile outdoor lighting to the next level. The timeless, understated design language of this brand new luminaire makes it easy to picture in any setting. But it’s not just Flow’s appearance that makes it so flexible. The luminaire features six mounting variants: post-top, lateral, amenity, suspended, catenary and wall-mounted. There are a range of positive and negative tilting options, and a total of 13 optical possibilities. As a result Flow suits all kinds of urban applications including large urban roads, smaller streets and residential areas, city centers, car parks, cycle paths, footpaths, train platforms, education and sports institutions, industrial buildings and area applications.

Flow makes it easy to meet the needs of any urban lighting challenge using the same design of luminaire, empowering designers to create city spaces that are unified and harmonious. Flow has been designed with visual comfort in mind, to provide lighting that is not only safe and functional, but pleasant and welcoming. Benefitting from Thorn’s highly efficient R-PEC and Area optics for streets and open spaces, the luminaire uses prismatic glass and a white reflector to achieve excellent glare control. Flow is available in color temperatures ranging all the way to a warm 2700K, lending a hospitable ambience to any urban area.

Flow brings intelligence to urban spaces through a wide choice of control options, including DALI (HFX), bi-power switchable (BPS), LRT, power-line or wireless Radio Frequency Incity (RF) control PN7 socket for RF sensors and presence detection. This enables significant energy savings while improving safety and contributing to a sense of wellbeing in the city.

As well as being highly flexible, Flow is a cost-effective LED solution that is just as suitable for refurbishments and retrofits as it is for brand new installations. Its efficacy reaches 139 lm/W, enabling it to save significant amounts of energy compared to conventional solutions, and it comes with a 10kV surge protection device. Lumen packages ranging from 1700lm to 13,600lm are available. This lightweight luminaire makes life easy for contractors too: it’s easy to handle and install, with tool-free gear tray maintenance. Flow will be available from May 2018.

Corinne Delor, Global Product Manager, Urban Streets: “Getting the light distribution you need while keeping urban spaces looking clean and consistent is hard. That’s why we designed Flow to fit in everywhere. The combination of its understated, timeless design and huge variety of mounting and optical choices, gives users the freedom to create consistent, unified solutions for any urban lighting challenge.”

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