Thorn Makes Perfect Retail Lighting Easier than Ever

Thorn Makes Perfect Retail Lighting Easier than Ever
From the car park to the shop window, from the sales floor to the warehouse – the right lighting makes the difference.


At this year’s EuroShop trade fair in Düsseldorf on 5-9 March, global lighting specialist Thorn Lighting introduced its dedicated offer for retailers, making it easier than ever to find the perfect lighting solution for everything from car parks, to supermarkets, to window displays to warehouses.

Thorn’s wide-ranging portfolio of products – many of them internationally available and globally certified – encompasses spotlights, downlights, light lines and outdoor fittings.

Among the new products on show at EuroShop are Thorn’s brand new Tonic family of LED spotlights, which prove that there’s no need to compromise on color quality in LED retail lighting. Tonic allows store designers to create a stunning finish, and because it’s available worldwide*, you can create the same brand experience in Berlin, Boston or Beijing.

The latest version of Thorn’s Chalice Pro downlight offers the same great performance as ever, for even less energy, while the high-output Chalice Pro HO is the ideal replacement for HID fittings in high-ceilinged areas.

And to replace HID fittings in warehouses, there’s the latest generation of Thorn’s popular HiPak LED high bay luminaire, designed as a simple one-for-one replacement that offers incredible efficiency and precise control of light.

Thorn will also be exhibiting its smart parking solution, CiviTEQ, which reduces the time needed to find a parking space, while at the same time providing comfortable lighting for car parks with smart sensor technology integrated.

As part of the Zumtobel Group, Thorn Lighting can offer its customers access to Zumtobel Group Services, to help make lighting projects easier and more cost effective. Lighting design, light as a service, the internet of things, Smart City services, security lighting and controls are just some of the things we are ready and able to advise you on.

Thorn Lighting, part of the Zumtobel Group, is a globally trusted lighting supplier with almost a century’s experience. Michael Ball, EVP Business Division Thorn Lighting said: “We’re delighted to be exhibiting our dedicated retail offer at the world’s no. 1 retail trade fair. Whether you’re a retailer, contractor or developer, Thorn Lighting can help you create effective and energy-efficient lighting solutions with great lighting quality.”

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