Topaz Expands Hot Dip Galvanized Line

Topaz Expands Hot Dip Galvanized Line


Expansion Coupling and Moguls for Harsh Environments

Topaz is proud to support the rebuilding of our nation’s infrastructure by offering Hot Dip Galvanized products that meet the strict requirements for installation in the harshest of environments. As the easiest company to do business with, Topaz strives to provide the quality products that customers are looking for. Topaz has added two new products to their Hot Dip Galvanized line. Rigid Expansion Couplings and Mogul Conduit Bodies are now available to support projects that may be exposed to the elements.

Topaz’s Rigid Expansion Couplings are a unique fitting that allows for indoor or outdoor installation and permits linear movement caused by thermal expansion and contraction up to two inches in either direction on center. This specialty expansion coupling has been specifically designed to prevent conduit from buckling and causing circuit failures when joining two sections of conduit subjected to longitudinal movement. Rigid expansion couplings are suitable for use on outdoor structures prone to movement like bridges, railroads, and buildings.

For installations where pulling large conductors, splicing, and taps are required, Topaz has developed mogul conduit bodies with raised cover and gasket. The raised cover was designed in response to specifications that require extra room for wires and easy access for maintenance and future upgrades. C type and LB type are also equipped with rollers to serve as pull outlets for stiff conductors.

Michael Balsamo, Topaz’s VP of Product Management said, “Hot Dip Galvanized products were once only used in the northeast metro area. As our product line has grown, we have seen cities across the country request HDG products and adopt the use of this line because it really is a superior finish and withstands the elements and corrosion. Any time we can offer a fitting that will require less maintenance or will have a longer life span, we know that our customers are going to be receptive. That’s just part of what makes us the easiest and friendliest company to do business with.”

Topaz is a leading manufacturer of electrical fittings, traditional lighting, ballasts, LED fixtures and lamps. For more information on Topaz’s complete line of products for commercial and residential use, visit:






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