Topaz Introduces LED Color Selectable Slim Recessed Downlighting

Topaz Introduces LED Color Selectable Slim Recessed Downlighting



Topaz Lighting introduces LED Color Selectable Slim Recessed Downlighting, with the option to select 2700K, 3000K or 4000K color temperature at installation, giving Topaz one more reason to be named ‘the easiest company to do business with.’

Topaz’s LED Color Selectable Slim Recessed Downlights feature a selectable CCT switch to select the color temperature, remote junction box with low voltage cable to provide flexibility in mounting, edge lit technology and a low-profile design. These slim fixtures are available in four-inch and six-inch models for new or retrofit installations in residential and multi-family dwellings, hospitality settings and schools.

Michael Neary, Topaz’s Senior Lighting Product Manager said, “These LED slim recessed downlights are such a versatile product. They can be installed in new construction or remodels, mounts directly into the ceiling and have advanced thermal construction too. The ability to choose color temperature on the job site is a really exciting feature to give contractors the ability to cater to the end-user’s preferences and see the lighting in the setting in which it’s being installed.”

As an additional incentive, Topaz’s LED Color Selectable Slim Recessed Downlighting is rebate-eligible in major markets across the country including: New York City, Phoenix, Dallas, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Antonio, and Las Vegas. All rebates must be verified by the local utility provider. Please visit to see if rebates are available in your market.

Topaz is a leading manufacturer of electrical fittings, traditional lighting, ballasts, LED fixtures and lamps. For more information on Topaz’s complete line of products for commercial and residential use, visit:






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