Topaz Introduces LED Shop Light

Topaz Lighting introduces their first LED Shop Light. A modern take on a classic fixture, it offers the traditional fluorescent look along with the long life, energy savings, and simple installation benefits of LED.

Topaz’s new LED Shop Light has the same look and feel as the original fluorescent fixtures, but offers integrated LED tubes, built-in on/off pull chain, and comes equipped with power cord and hanging mount. Shop Lights are also linkable for easy installation in areas where longer lengths of light may be required, without direct access to a power source. The low-profile design makes these fixtures ideal for use in basements and attics. The durable steel housing and polycarbonate end caps were designed to stand up to the various conditions of garages, workshops and utility rooms.

Michael Neary, Topaz’s Senior Product Line Manager said, “This Shop Light is all about functionality. It’s slim to make the most of the height of your workspace, and durable to stand up to any debris that may occur. Most importantly, it’s easy to install, and has a long life to minimize maintenance.” 

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Topaz Introduces LED Shop Light

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