Topaz Introduces LED Vapor Tight Luminaire – Waterproof, Dust Proof and Corrosion Proof

Topaz Introduces LED Vapor Tight Luminaire - Waterproof, Dust Proof and Corrosion Proof


Topaz introduces a brand-new product to its line of outstanding LED Luminaires. The Topaz LED Tri-Proof Vapor Tight Linear Luminaire is water, dust and corrosion proof making it the perfect solution for a wide range of use including garage, warehouse, stairwell, marine and subway applications.

This vapor tight fixture boasts the best features available on the market today. The high-impact lens has earned NSF rating so that it is safe for use in kitchens; the aluminum housing allows for optimal thermal management and offers 130 lumens per watt. In addition, this luminaire is dimmable, IP65 rated and DLC Premium® listed.  The OEM model with battery back-up offers 90 minutes or more of additional illumination in the event of power failure. End-to-end connectors and suspension cable mounts are also available to daisy multiple fixtures together and enable easy surface or suspension mounted installations.

Bob Burns, Vice President of Lighting Sales, said, “This Vapor Tight fixture is a great product that we’re really proud of. The way it stays clean and endures harsh environments along with all of its accolades from DLC and NSF, will make it an easy choice for distributors to carry, and contractors will know that they can install it in virtually any setting.”

As an additional incentive, the Topaz LED Tri-Proof Vapor Tight Luminaire is rebate-eligible in major markets across the country including: New York City, Phoenix, Dallas, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Boston, and Las Vegas. All rebates must be verified by the local utility provider. Please visit to see if rebates are available in your market.

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