Topaz Introduces New Steel Device Rings and Covers

Topaz Introduces New Steel Device Rings and Covers


Topaz Lighting and Electrical announces the addition of a new line of Steel Device Rings and Covers. According to Mike Balsamo, VP of Product Management, these items are new to Topaz’s current selection of steel covers and device rings.

Made of galvanized steel, the new Device Rings are available in single and double gang, with depths up to 2” and can be used on any 4-11/16” square box. “They’re ideal for exposed work applications, providing easy installation of electrical devices, such as to mount switches, receptacles and other devices,” Balsamo said.

The new industrial Steel Covers are available in a wide variety of cover designs and include the hardware for mounting receptacles, to suit many types of electrical applications. Balsamo noted that these galvanized steel covers allow for quick installation of electrical devices to steel covers before they are mounted to the box. “Our new covers are raised ½” to protect wires inside the box for switches, receptacles, and outlets,” he added.

Topaz is a leading manufacturer of electrical fittings, traditional lighting, ballasts, LED fixtures and lamps. For more information on Topaz’s complete line of lighting products for residential and commercial use, visit:

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