Towering Angled Ceiling Presents Design Challenge for Scottsdale’s Lightform Studio

Towering Angled Ceiling Presents Design Challenge for Scottsdale’s Lightform Studio 

A super-sized event site in Scottsdale, Arizona, recently celebrated its grand opening with more than 120 Nora Lighting LED Cylinders illuminating the floor space. The fixtures were placed in elevated rows of hanging pendants throughout a towering, 10- to 20-foot-high angled ceiling.

Known as the Aline Clayton House, the spacious facility is designed for weddings, business events and civic affairs.

Nora Lighting’s High Performance LED Cylinders (NYLI-6) were selected as the overhead luminaires because they deliver a consistent level of illumination, regardless of the slope or height of the ceiling in a large space, says Chad Rothe, lighting designer and owner of LightForm Lighting showroom in Scottsdale, which specified the project.

“We were challenged to create an environment with an even distribution of light and appropriate foot candles,” says Rothe.

“Nora Cylinders have a lot of horsepower, ideal for a large, open facility. They achieve the same level of illumination throughout the venue, even as the fixtures were placed at different heights and angles.”

LightForm added PAR 30 snap lensed LEDs with 60 degree diffusion beams to evenly distribute the light. All fixtures are dimmable.

The Aline Clayton Cylinders were specified in white to enhance the airy, open floor plan; a black finish is also available. Along with the High Performance LEDs, Cylinder is offered as a Standard LED or Medium Based Incandescent/LED.

Cylinder LEDs can be installed as a surface mount, cable, pendant or wall mount and have a high 90+ CRI for realistic color rendition. They produce up to 4000 lumens, and are offered in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K and Comfort Dim, which can be adjusted from 2700K to 1800K.

LightForm is a well-known Arizona showroom offering design, shading and control system solutions. The 2,600 square foot center offers a fantasy display of more than 400 fixtures from 70 manufacturers, emphasizing contemporary trends.

Owner Rothe opened the shop in 2002, hoping to change perceptions and demonstrate why design is a crucial element. He has focused on high-end residential, bars and clubs, restaurants and retail.

“Good lighting is one of the most effective single forces in interior design and architecture, but arguably the most neglected,” he says.

“While most businesses focus on having ample space and an efficient floor layout, it is equally important to include people-friendly ambient light throughout an office, home, or event site.”



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