U.S. Architectural Lighting Unveils Skyliner, Curvilinear LED with Nine Distribution Patterns

U.S. Architectural Lighting Unveils Skyliner, Curvilinear LED with Nine Distribution Patterns



Skyliner, a new curvilinear LED luminaire that features nine distribution patterns with house side shielding, is now available from U.S. Architectural Lighting.

Designed for site and area lighting applications, Skyliner offers a choice of LED distributions, color temperatures and drive currents that provide optimal illumination of any visual terrain. Additionally, Skyliner’s controlled optics eliminate uplight (light pollution) and minimize spill light (light trespass).

Featuring a robust cast aluminum housing and optical module, Skyliner is offered in five contemporary styles that provide true architectural relevance to any site. Versatile mounting configurations include: wall mount, single, dual, triple or quad heads. Optional shades can be specified, such as angled, concave or domed.

U.S. Architectural Lighting’s PLED (Panel LED) optical system utilizes a micro reflector behind each LED to improve forward throw and reduce backlight. The PLED panels are field rotatable in 90° increments and field replaceable.

Skyliner includes: 40 LED and 80 LED arrays with 70 CRI and a choice of color temperatures, standard neutral white (4000K), or optional cool white (5000K) and warm white (3000K). Lumens range from 4,445 to 26,448, depending on the model.

Drivers are mounted flush against the electrical housing door for maximum heat dissipation. Surge protectors are supplied with every Skyliner LED to ensure long term performance and react quickly to power spikes, absorbing or shunting them away from luminaire components.

All Skyliner fixtures have an electro-statically applied TGIC polyester powder coat baked at 400°F for maximum hardness and durability. Finishes include: black, white, grey, dark bronze, green. Custom colors are available.

U.S. Architectural Lighting is a leading manufacturer of outdoor lighting fixtures and has served the electrical industry for more than 30 years. All products are entirely manufactured in the U.S.A. to ensure consistent quality, ready inventory and timely shipping.

For more information, visit: www.usaltg.com.


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