Ugly’s Electrical References is just a Download Away

Ugly’s Electrical References is just a Download Away


America’s most popular pocket-sized electrical book available on iOS and Android

Ugly’s Electrical References is handier than ever. Now a mobile app for Apple and Android devices, the gold-standard reference book includes a built-in 2017 Ugly’s Electrical References eBook, videos, calculators, safety information, NEMA diagrams, and a summary of NEC ® code changes. Designed to work on the job, even when you can’t get a signal or Wi-Fi, the Ugly’s Electrical References app delivers the fast, reliable answers electricians need to the most common electrical questions.

Ugly’s product manager Chris Benson says, “I spent 25 years as an electrician and I always had an Ugly’s book with me… Transforming Ugly’s essential content from print to digital was a natural next step.” During initial research, 85% of respondents said that they would prefer Ugly’s in digital format. The Ugly’s team listened and, along the way, filled the Electrical References app with electrical calculators and interactive tables that can be zoomed in for more detail.

The Ugly’s Electrical References app provides electricians with far more than just an eBook version of the latest edition of Ugly’s Electrical References. It delivers valuable calculators, converters, and diagrams along with bookmarking and searching capabilities for quick navigation at users’ fingertips. Other useful tools the app implements include video tutorials for conduit bending and even a blueprint symbol identifier. Additionally, Ugly’s makes electrical safety a priority by presenting extensive definitions, boundaries, procedures, PPE guidance, and life-saving first aid procedures, all in a comprehensive and dependable format that is convenient to use in the field.

Benson explains that Ugly’s Electrical References is based on direct input provided by electricians and that electrician feedback will continue to play a vital role in the app’s continuous development as “we are counting on the electricians who use our product to help us identify additional interactive features and expanded content based on their needs.” Benson is passionate about shaping the Ugly’s Electrical References app into the definitive reference tool for electricians in the field. He says, “Ugly’s is wholly committed to getting Electrical References into the hands of those who will use it to complete jobs safely and accurately every day.”     Available for iOS and Android devices:


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