Universal Releases IoT-Ready, Enlighted-Compatible LED Driver

Universal Releases IoT-Ready, Enlighted-Compatible LED Driver




Universal Lighting Technologies, Inc. recently announced a collaboration with Internet of Things (IoT) leader, Enlighted, to introduce an EVERLINE® LED driver that meets the recently announced IoT Ready Alliance specification. The EVERLINE LED driver is compatible with Enlighted sensors to allow for easy integration of indoor IoT applications. With the release of the compatible EVERLINE LED Driver, the two companies will concentrate on spreading the adoption of the Enlighted Brilliant Building platform.

Built on an IoT architecture, the Enlighted system consists of a network of wireless sensors connected together to form an intelligent lighting control and analytics platform. With Enlighted’s sensor technology and Universal’s EVERLINE LED driver, the paired connected lighting solution will offer designers the flexibility of wireless controls along with the advantages of accurate data collection on the building level for unlimited scalability.

The EVERLINE Enlighted-compatible driver is a reliable and robust solution that provides power and data to the sensor and will be offered in three wattages (30/55/80W). By communicating natively with the Enlighted sensor, the LED drivers paired with the Enlighted system eliminate the need for a control unit and put end-to-end programmability in the specifier’s hands. This native communication also allows the drivers to operate seamlessly with Enlighted’s full suite of sensors. Additionally, the solution provides faster communication and +/- 3 percent accurate power monitoring, allowing more accurate energy monitoring.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with the Enlighted team by offering this innovative LED driver. We know that the ability to speak the Enlighted language will be a key benefit for commercial offices and industrial warehouses,” said Kevin Boyce, Director of Product Management for LED Drivers at Universal Lighting Technologies. “With the Class P rating and simple wiring that allows for easy installation, the Enlighted-compatible EVERLINE LED driver is intended to provide the flexibility lighting designers and specifiers need as they maximize the value of their solutions.”

As the IoT transforms LED lighting from a source of light to a connected source of data, Enlighted has emerged as a leader in the connected lighting space. The release of the Enlighted-compatible driver demonstrates Universal’s industry leadership with a product that communicates natively through the Enlighted Sensor Interface to the Enlighted suite of sensors, eliminating a control unit and providing a simpler installation.

“Our partnership with Universal Lighting Technologies exhibits how the collaboration between driver and sensor companies both enhances the functionality and simplifies the implementation of connected IoT lighting solutions,” said Paul Davis, Senior Director of Hardware and Network Products at Enlighted. “These new Universal drivers pair up perfectly with Enlighted’s recently announced fifth generation sensor lineup and also offer the lighting industry an excellent range of commercial and industrial lighting solutions compliant with the IoT Ready™ specification.”

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