Vista’s New 1470 Series LED Bollards Feature Precision Optics, Patent-Pending Vertical Adjustment

Vista’s New 1470 Series LED Bollards Feature Precision Optics, Patent-Pending Vertical Adjustment


Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting has added two new bollard options to its growing line of architectural lighting products. The new 1470 LED Series features the “pill” or flat-topped 1470 bollard as well as the dome-topped 1471 version. Both models are wet-listed for outdoor applications and are available in three lengths: 30”, 36” (standard) and 42”. Custom lengths are also available upon request.

“The 1470 Series bollards offer incredible performance,” said Cruz Pérez, vice president of marketing for Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting. “They feature quadrant-specific light distributions with precision optics. Architects and designers can achieve lighting distributions in 90-degree increments with a radius throw of up to 15 feet and low BUG ratings. Thus, it’s possible to ensure just the right amount of light is delivered in any application.”

The 1470 Series’ quadrant-specific distributions also allow for increased power-to-light efficiency since there’s no need to block light from areas where it’s not wanted or required. This feature also reduces the customer’s ongoing costs, as they’re only paying for the light being delivered, not for excess light they don’t need.

The bollards’ bases are designed with radial slots to properly position the posts relative to their light output with up to 30 degrees of rotation available along the fixture’s centerline. This design reduces the need to precisely cast the J-bolt anchorage assembly into concrete and still enjoy precise light aiming. A patent-pending vertical adjustment anchorage feature ensures the 1470 Series bollards can be mounted vertically for a more aesthetically pleasing and consistent appearance. Even if J-bolts are not cast vertical to final grade or if the project’s final grade is not quite level, installers can make adjustments of up to ¼” to level the fixture.

Like Vista’s 1500 Series Step Lights, the 1470 Series uses Cree XTE LEDs for high-quality illumination with hot binning at 85°C and good LM-80 depreciation values. The Cree XTE LEDs in the 1470 Series are in the 20- to 30-watt range for full, 360-degree output. Each 90-degree quadrant requires between 5 and 7.5 watts depending on the chosen power level. Outputs range from 1600-plus lumens for the low-power-level (360-degree) option to over 2,300 lumens for the high-power-level (360-degree) option. The 1470 Series is available in 3000°K (standard), 3500°K, 4000°K, 4500°K and 5000°K color temperatures.

“By using the same LEDs, like these Cree XTEs, in multiple products, we’re able to offer our customers consistent color and performance,” Pérez said. “And, because we can purchase these LEDs in larger volumes, we’re able to offer them at more attractive prices.”

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