Voltclaw Multi-Gauge for Safe Management of 6-14 Gauge Electrical Wires

Voltclaw Multi-Gauge for Safe Management of 6-14 Gauge Electrical Wires

Non-conductive Tool Company (NTC) continues to revolutionize the tool industry with the introduction of the Voltclaw Multi-Gauge electrician’s tool.┬áDesigned to bring added productivity to the jobsite, the new tool provides electricians with a safer, faster way to manage 6-16 gauge wires inside of junction boxes, switch boxes and service panels, than any solution they’ve had up until now.

The Voltclaw Multi-Gauge is non-conductive to 1000V making it a far safer alternative to metal screwdrivers or wire strippers for the grabbing, pulling, pushing and bending of electrical wires. It delivers peace-of-mind, even when navigating around wires in the most crowded electrical boxes. With no metal parts, the new tool will not cut or scrap the insulation off of electrical wires which can create a potential electrocution or fire hazard. And because of its lightweight, compact design it is exceptionally convenient to carry therefore encouraging electricians to use it whenever a wire needs to be moved, rather than endanger themselves with a metal tool or their hands.

The new tool delivers versatility with a sliding wire gripper optimized for a secure grip on almost any wire used in commercial and residential installations. The user simply inserts a wire into the front hook and slides the thumb slide forward to grip it. Now the wire can be pushed, pulled or bent precisely into place. It also features two pull hooks, one on the front and one on the back, to handle both small and larger wires, along with a V-groove for pushing wires back into junction boxes. Deep finger grips ensure a safe grasp with greasy or gloved hands.

For complete information, visit: www.voltclaw.com.


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