WAC Lighting Debuts Mirror Mirror Wall Sconce in dweLED Collection

WAC Lighting Debuts Mirror Mirror Wall Sconce in dweLED Collection

The fairest of them all. WAC Lighting debuts the “Mirror Mirror” Wall Sconce in the popular dweLED Collection. Mirrored to reflect luxury finishes in a well-appointed space, the framed light emanates from this unique LED luminaire.

The LED Vanity Light features a design using the hue of the wall behind it as an accenting shade for its light. With a low-profile aluminum construction and sharp geometry, Mirror Mirror is the crowning piece for the refined modern bathroom. Lay the piece over your modern mirror for an essential pairing of elegant geometry and it will follow the perpendicular angles of a room in a crisp rectangular form.

Cutting-edge LEDs follow the slim inner surface of the frame, creating a radiant LED glow that softly glazes its outlined wall. The sleek sconce is available in a 17W 18-inch model, 22W 27-inch model, and a 31W 37-inch size. The luminaire has a color temperature of 3000K, a 90 CRI and delivers up to 3500 lumens and dims beautifully using ELV, 0-10V, and TRIAC dimmers.

The luminaire features a titanium matte finish with a mirror insert. The driver is concealed within the unit. The sconce doubles as a vanity light and mounts in vertical or horizontal directions. All are constructed of aluminum and Title 24 Compliant.

WAC Lighting can be reached by visiting: www.waclighting.com

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