Walters to Host “Total Anchoring Solutions” Webinar in Conjunction with Dottie

Tuesday, August 9, 2022 • 12:00 PM – 12:30 PM PDT

Learn about new products and techniques as a representative from Dottie compares and
contrasts a variety of anchor lines, and how they apply to different types of substrates at webinar hosted by Walters. Included in the discussion will be: Wall Driller versus Wall Driller Plus; Wall Dog versus Wall
Twister; Wedge Anchor versus Mega Bolt (coming soon).

A few facts about The Walldriller Plus® – The Walldriller Plus® is designed to offer superior
holding power in drywall material. Its fine centered point helps guide the anchor into the wall with
flawless precision. A sharp profile thread cuts deeply into the hole without damaging the drywall,
ensuring superior holding power and stability. The sharp cutting edge reduces the force required to
cut the material, making it a self-drilling anchor without predrilling. Available sizes: #6, #8, #10 and 12.

A few facts about Wall Twister™ – The Wall Twister™ is an all steel, single piece screw
anchor manufactured with a unique deep cutting thread design, it’s suitable for fastening objects into
drywall, wood, concrete, plaster, brick, and block walls. The patented reverse serration design under
the head prevent overtorquing. When working with masonry-based materials, use the 3/16” carbide
tipped drill bit included in the kit to create a pilot hole. When fastening into drywall or wood, no
pre-drilling is required.

Don’t miss this informative webinar which will help you and your crews save time and
work more efficiently! You can register for the training at:

Dottie Wall Driller and Wall Twister

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