Western Lighting & Energy Controls Announces ViveMan Photo Contest

Western Lighting & Energy Controls Announces ViveMan Photo Contest 

 June 28, 2018 – Costa Mesa, CA– Western Lighting’s ViveMan marketing campaign has taken its efforts a step further with a photo contest at local electrical distributors.   Starting on June 25, at local Southern California electrical distributors, ViveMan will be posing for selfies with any willing electrical professionals for a chance to win a 4-day trip to a Cabo Resort including airfare for 2 – valued at $10,000.


ViveMan has taken the electrical community by storm with his super powers of being faster than wiring, and instantly compliant. He has swooped in and saved the contractor’s day from The Inspector, Cat5 Woman, and more.  The creative efforts of Western Lighting and Energy Controls, has brought ViveMan to life in a monthly comic strip teaching the value of Lutron’s Vive product line.  ViveMan has saved contractors from impending doom, failed acceptance testing, and delayed deadlines.


Vive by Lutron is a modular, wireless lighting control solution that is easy to use, and provides simple control components that eliminates many steps over a traditional solution and instantly meets Title 24.


Vive gives the flexibility needed to design buildings using wireless capabilities, simple installation, all while reducing call backs and maximizing building energy performance.  Vive makes it easy to start small and expand at any time with no new wiring. Less wiring also makes installation faster and reduces labor by up to 70%.  Setup is as simple as pushing a button or using a smart phone or tablet, further reducing time and labor cost, with no manufacturer commissioning required.


To enter for a chance to win a 4-day vacation to Cabo, find a ViveMan cardboard cutout at your local distributor and get your picture taken with the Electrical industry’s biggest super hero – ViveMan.  Then, upload the picture and submit the form on: www.westernecs.com/viveman.   For an extra entry, “like” Western on Facebook and submit the picture to Facebook with the hashtag #viveman.

For more VIVE information contact Jimm Reifsynder at jimm@westernecs.com

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