Wireless Plug Load Control Sensor Makes State Requirements Easy to Obtain

Wireless Plug Load Control Sensor Makes State Requirements Easy to Obtain


Enerlites Inc. is proud to announce their energy saving Wireless Plug Load Controller. Plug Load Control requirements are being driven by electrical and energy governing bodies such as NEC, ASHRAE, CA Title 24 and NEMA which have already enacted and are working to enact new standards to require automatic shut-off of electrical outlets when plugged in devices are not being used. The common goal is energy efficiency, but may require retrofit and upgrades to electrical outlets. The Enerlites Plug Load Control device makes implementing these mandated changes effortless.

“Products not in use or that are on standby can account for as much as 25 percent of total electrical consumption or waste of electricity”, said Greg Reese, National Sales Manager at Enerlites Inc. “The idea is to reduce this phantom usage or waste of electrical consumption while products are in standby modes; our straightforward Wireless Plug Load Control makes it easy to conserve energy and comply with state regulations,” adds Reese.

The PLBPC designed with wireless technology, is a RF low profile Passive Infrared (PIR) ceiling motion sensor. The wireless PIR sensor is simply powered by two replaceable AA Lithium battery for five years of operating life with zero utility cost, also making it easy to install with little to no interruption to operations, making it ideal for retrofits.

One PIR wireless sensor can pair up to 6 smart receptacles, item number – PL20R (http://www.enerlites.com/enerlites-pl20r.html). The vacancy sensing motion sensor will switch power off to the wall outlet, turning off power thirty minutes after a room has been vacated. This smart device can control both 120VAC or 240VAC power.

The split duplex receptacle PL20R has one uncontrolled and one wireless controlled outlet for on and off control of electronic devices, task lighting, monitors, flat screen TV’s, and non-essential equipment in private offices, conference rooms, open offices, lunch rooms, break rooms and other areas in commercial buildings. The PL20R wall outlet also has tamper resistant shutters which helps prevent the insertion of foreign objects into the receptacle contacts to inhibit harm or damage to individuals.

“Our one of a kind plug load control really makes it easy to become state and ASHRAE compliant,” adds, Reese, “there is no need for complicated software or computers to set up the controlled receptacle, only a single touch button, making it quick to commission for electricians and contractors installing these into retrofits.”

The plug load control sensor complies with California Title 24, which is California’s Energy Efficiency Standards for residential and nonresidential buildings (http://www.enerlites.com/plug-load-control-overview-solutions). The PLBPC and PL20R wireless plug load control system are UL/CUL listed and come with a two-year warranty.

For more information, visit: www.enerlites.com.

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