30-Site Data Center Upgrades Lighting Using Espen Technology

One of the largest data center operators in North America has begun a very large lighting retrofit of its 30-site data center, with locations across the Northeast United States.  The data center selected retrofit products from Espen Technology, a leading manufacturer of indoor, linear, LED lighting solutions.  Products utilized in the retrofit include: Over 6,000 units of VersaLinear LED linear module retrofit kits, 2,500 units of emergency inverters (a combination of 8W and 15W models), and almost 4,000 units of VersaKit LED 2×2 troffer retrofit kits.

According to Jason Samuelian, Western Regional Sales Manager at Espen Technology, “The project is notable for its size, very fast implementation, and the global technology brand name that operates the data centers.”  Samuelian added, “The 30-site data center selected Espen because of our strong partnership with the national distributor chain, on-hand inventory of the items they wanted, proactive customer support, our warehouse in Indianapolis, and Espen’s price flexibility to make the project pencil out.”

Discussions about the 30-site data center project began in October 2021.  The project was released near Thanksgiving, 2021, and the Northeast project is expected to be completed by the end of December 2021.  In 2022 and 2023, additional data centers across the United States will be retrofitted, as well.  Espen Technology plans to support the future 2022 and 2023 nationwide retrofits with specification creation and technical consultation.    

         Espen coordinated closely with GT Sales (a sales rep agency located in Utah), a national distribution chain, 3 different electrical contractors, and the operator of the 30 data center sites.  Samuelian shared, “This project would not have succeeded without the professionalism of Espen’s inside sales and engineering teams.”  For more information about Espen’s extensive line of LED retrofit solutions, visit: www.EspenTech.com.

30-Site Data Center Upgrades Lighting Using Espen Technology

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