7 Zones, 100,000 Square Feet: Lighting Customization Goes Big

7 Zones, 100,000 Square Feet: Lighting Customization Goes Big

by John Watkins, President, FSC Lighting

How do you light a 100,000-square-foot building that has multiple facilities, each of which requires a different light level depending on usage or time of day? You go custom.

When Arena Sports, a family-owned group of indoor sports arenas in the Seattle area, completed their fifth location, they knew their lighting needs were unique. They also knew where to go for customized LED lighting solutions – and we were more than happy to help.

The newest addition to the Arena Sports family is a 100,000-square-foot building that includes facilities for year-round soccer, bowling, laser tag, arcades and party rooms – seven zones in total. It doesn’t take an expert to know that indoor soccer and arcades have very different lighting requirements. It does, however, take an expert to develop a customized lighting system that incorporates varying light levels without sacrificing energy efficiency or ease of use. And that’s exactly what we did.

First, we decided on a fixture: the LEHB Series LED High Bay, which has an L70 of 122,000 hours and provides a clean, bright light. Since it’s available in an array of sizes and wattages, this high bay is easily customizable depending on light needs.

Once we had the fixture down, our next task was to maximize efficiency and help Arena Sports save on energy costs. To that end, we incorporated sensors and step dimming. We also equipped each fixture with a wireless relay system that was paired with a light level sensor in the same zone – enabling lights to dim automatically based on the ambient light level. Known as daylight harvesting, this lighting control system measures the available light and only adds as much artificial light as necessary.

We didn’t stop there. For every project, our mission is to go beyond efficiency for our clients, and in this case, that meant ensuring that the entire system was easy to use and modify. That’s why we integrated an intelligent control system by installing wireless kinetic rocker switches throughout the building and pairing them with fixtures in designated areas. With this technology in place, Arena Sports can implement a comprehensive zonal control strategy; each of the seven zones can be programmed using software alone – that means more flexibility and more energy savings.

When it comes to cost, ease of use and aesthetics, customized lighting is always the way to go – no matter how big or complicated the project.


About John Watkins – John has been in the energy efficient lighting industry for over 25 years. His background in lighting controls and LED solutions has helped FSC profitably survive the company’s conversion from a fluorescent OEM to a powerhouse LED manufacturer and integrator of even the most complex lighting controls solutions.

John oversees FSC’s product development, sales and marketing efforts directly as well as manages the company’s overall P&L with Purchasing and Operations reporting to him.





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