Energy-Efficient Lighting Manufacturer FSC Transforms Sports Arena

Energy-Efficient Lighting Manufacturer FSC Transforms Sports Arena



RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CA – FSC Lighting, an energy-efficient lighting manufacturer based in Southern California, recently transformed the lighting of a sports arena in the Seattle area into a customized lighting solution featuring the latest in LED technology.

Arena Sports, a family-owned group of indoor sports arenas in the Seattle area, recently completed its fifth location in the Seattle area. The 100,000-square-foot facility includes areas for year-round soccer, bowling, laser tag, arcades and party rooms.

With so many different offerings, the team at Arena Sports needed an energy-efficient lighting solution that would allow for varying light levels depending on the activity. The experts at FSC Lighting were more than up to the task.

First, FSC developed a customized solution of LED high bay fixtures of varying sizes and wattages to provide clean, bright, activity-appropriate light across all seven zones of Arena Sports. Next, in order to maximize efficiency and ensure ease of use, the team equipped each fixture with a wireless relay system that was paired with a light level sensor in the same zone – enabling lights to dim automatically based on the ambient light level. Known as daylight harvesting, this lighting control system measures the available light and only adds as much artificial light as necessary.

FSC also provided Arena Sports with an intelligent control system. “By installing wireless kinetic rocker switches throughout the building and pairing them with fixtures in designated areas, we gave Arena Sports the ability to implement a comprehensive zonal control strategy,” explains FSC President John Watkins. “The facility’s seven zones can now be programmed using software alone, resulting in flexibility and energy savings. This new setup has arguably made Arena’s lighting the most energy-efficient and sophisticated lighting system in the sports arena industry.”

Don Crow, CEO of Arena Sports, agrees. “FSC Lighting were fantastic partners in finding the perfect solution for our new building. At 100,000 square feet with varying lighting needs and levels throughout the building at any given time, their wireless dimming and control solution allows us to easily modify sections of the building in seconds. A great value, and perfect solution for our complex business.”

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