Community First, New Company Focuses on Disaster Relief

Community First, New Company Focuses on Disaster Relief
John Ciangiulli, President Comprehensive Supply Company (CSC)


LARGO, FL – A new electrical supply store, named Comprehensive Supply Company (CSC), is set to open its doors on October first in Largo, FL. It is a distributor of high-quality and inexpensive electrical equipment with a focus on a mom and pop style of service. Their product offerings are diverse and include circuit breakers, panelboards, load centers, disconnects, bus plugs and fuses to name a few. What makes this company unique is their ability to offer prices typically 15%-35% below retail and their family style of service. Then came Irma.

“I had been working diligently establishing partnerships, organizing inventory and finalizing plans prior to opening when Irma hit. While extremely grateful the damage to our area was minimal, I remain mindful of the people and areas which were more adversely affected. I am committed to contributing to the relief efforts as I strongly believe all customers are family. This directly ties into our values as a company,” said company president John Ciangiulli.

Every year we are faced with a hurricane season which affects the lives of so many people. These storms have the potential to damage property, ruin lives and take lives. Comprehensive Supply Company was directly affected by Irma losing its power and facing grand opening delays.

We might never think of it, and many of us might even take it for granted, but electricity and electrical products are required to run our everyday lives. They are required to run our homes, businesses, necessities and conveniences. Comprehensive Supply Company will contribute by donating 2% of sales through October 31 to relief efforts. Having no power might have delayed their grand opening, but will not stop them from supporting their customers and contributing. They are meeting with customers and handwriting paperwork.

CSC is the vision of a family man aspiring to become your go-to mom and pop solution to electrical supply. Electrical supply is what they do, but unmatched personal service is their motivation. Whether your project calls for a new or obsolete circuit breaker, load center, bus plug, fuse, transformer or switch, the CSC family is the supplier for you. “It is our goal to maintain a diverse competitively priced mix of electrical supplies that are easily accessible at just a drive, call or click away. When you purchase CSC products you have the unique satisfaction that you will be served with experience, professionalism, and a positive attitude = comprehensive support.” said Ciangiulli.

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