Danbury Parking Authority Reduces Energy Usage with MaxLite LED Fixtures

Danbury Parking Authority Reduces Energy Usage with MaxLite LED Fixtures


Conversion to LED lighting in parking garages will save city $15,000 annually

The Parking Authority of Danbury, Connecticut has improved sustainability and operational efficiency in two city-managed parking garages through an LED lighting upgrade with MaxLite Low-Profile Canopy Lights.

The conversion from fluorescent lighting to LED in the Charles A. Bardo Parking Garage and Terence E. McNally Patriot Garage will save the city more than 200,000 kWh and $15,000 annually. To complete the project, the Danbury Parking Authority worked with local energy solution specialists Efficient Lighting & Maintenance, who recommended MaxLite Low-Profile Canopy Lights as the ideal retrofit solution because of the product’s high efficacy, integral motion and daylight sensors and eligibility for utility rebate incentives.

“With MaxLite, we were able to achieve comfortable lighting for our customers with modern, energy-efficient fixtures – all at a cost savings,” said Deborah Pacific, director of the Danbury Parking Authority. “We couldn’t be happier with the results.”

Before the renovation, the lighting in each parking facility consisted of 4-foot vapor tight fixtures that housed two 32-watt fluorescent T8 lamps. The goal of the retrofit project was to maintain current illumination levels while replacing the fluorescent fixtures with energy-saving, long-life LED ones. In the Bardo Garage, 165 of MaxLite’s 30-watt Low-Profile Canopy Lights were installed and programmed with a combination of occupancy sensing and daylight harvesting controls (99 and 66 fixtures, respectively) to achieve annual energy savings of 79,541 kWh. In the Patriot Garage, 246 LED canopy lights were installed, with 139 using motion sensor technology and 107 programmed for daylighting harvesting, resulting in annual energy savings of 131,195 kWh. In total, the city was able to cut energy consumption in the garages by more than 50 percent, helping to reduce CO2 emissions and lower maintenance costs.

With outputs ranging from 2,500 to 5,000 lumens, MaxLite Low-Profile Canopy Lights are an economical retrofit solution for traditional HID and fluorescent fixtures. Quick to install and program, the series is available with a 0-10V microwave-based motion sensor and integral photocell that can be operated with a remote control. MaxLite Low-Profile Canopy Lights are rated for a lumen maintenance lifetime of 100,000 hours, providing years of maintenance-free illumination in high-traffic locations. The canopy lights are DesignLights Consortium (DLC) listed, qualifying for utility rebate incentives across the country.

To learn more about MaxLite Low-Profile Canopy Lights, or to view a complete list of energy-saving LED lighting solutions for parking areas and roadways, visit: MaxLite.com:



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