Espen Technology Introduces Buy America Act Compliant TLEDs

Espen Technology Introduces Buy America Act Compliant TLEDs


Espen Technology has introduced a new line of Buy America Act (BAA)-compliant LED T8 lamps. The 4’ lamps are part of Espen’s RetroFlex line of ballast-compatible, plug-n-play lamps.  They are the most popular TLED lamps that Espen sells.

According to John Clancy, VP of Sales at Espen, “Our new BAA-compliant 4’ lamps are assembled in the USA, and are our fastest and most convenient lamp replacement.  The nano-plastic diffuser is shatter-proof and NSF-rated, for food service applications.  DLC listing is pending so the lamps will soon be eligible for many utility rebates around the country.”  Clancy added, “The 4’ RetroFlex Type A is the first BAA-compliant lamps we are introducing, but we expect to expand to Type B and C LED solutions in the coming months.  With this new BAA-compliant line of TLEDs, Espen will be in a very strong position to support the military and government sectors in achieving their targeted energy savings goals for 2017.”

The 4’ RetroFlex BAA-compliant lamps are 12W and work with fluorescent electronic ballast (Instant Start, Programmed Start, and Dimming).  The lamps are offered in 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K CCTs.  The lumen output is 1,800 lumens, with lamp efficacy of 135 lpw, and CRI of 82.  The 50,000 hour rated lamps come with a 5 year warranty to insure ROI for commercial retrofits.  The lamps work with existing instant start or rapid start sockets, and are compatible with controls and sensors.  Optically, the lamps feature nano-plastic diffusion with an extra-wide 325 degree beam angle.

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