ESSENTIAL Fulham Product Categories Delineated & Developed

Throughout the pandemic, Fulham has carefully evaluated its product program composition to place greatest emphasis on availability and development of items which address critical needs for societal health, safety and recovery. Those items contributing most to our resilience and well-being have been dubbed Fulham ESSENTIALS, with products parsed into these main categories: 1) Germicidal UV, 2) Emergency/EXIT, 3) Horticulture, and 4) Refrigeration. 

Fulham’s Germicidal UV program has spanned more than 20 years, primarily with its SunHorse fluorescent ballast program, although several versatile WorkHorse, RaceHorse and SugarCube ballasts also achieve lamp optimization for Germicidal UV fixture purposes, as well.   

One area of Fulham distinction rests with introduction of innovative, award-winning egress items. These crucial systems have included products such as the HotSpot LED System (to add EM capability to non-EM fixtures) or the EZ Exit Emergency Solution that can reduce install time, reduce maintenance & testing time, and enhance the ability for building occupants to reach safety in outage conditions.  

Fulham’s Vizion and FarmHorse LED strip modules are intended to assist meeting society’s requirement to bolster our overall agricultural capacity, in line with an exploding global population; without local and/or vertical farming infrastructure, food security is under threat. And Fulham’s LED arrays have been designed to optimally function in conjunction with Fulham’s ample assortment of ThoroLED LED drivers (programmable and dedicated).

Lastly, for both food preservation / freezer applications, and potentially for use in systems that transport medicines, the Fulham IceHorse program offers optimal lamp operation in low temperatures via a reactive circuit integral to each ballast.  

These product programs comprise an ever-growing ratio of Fulham’s product portfolio relative to general lighting components. For more information about Fulham ESSENTIAL products, visit:

ESSENTIAL Fulham Product Categories Delineated & Developed


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