Focal Point Launches Revolutionary Integrated Acoustic Ceiling and Lighting System

Mora is game-changing in terms of design flexibility and integration of the lit and unlit components in an architectural system

With Mora™, Focal Point brings to the market a novel ceiling and lighting system that enhances architecture, improves acoustics, and offers all the options lighting professionals expect from an architectural luminaire. With easy specification and installation, and seamless integration of the lit and unlit components, engineered, manufactured, and sourced from a single supplier, Mora fulfills the unmet needs of architects, lighting designers, acousticians, and installers at once.

Mora leverages the light engine and acoustic performance of Seem® 1 Acoustic and the flexibility of the TruBlade™ unlit baffle to create exceptional ceiling arrays that add movement and texture to the ceiling while optimizing the light levels and acoustics of interior environments. It offers three levels of customization with Mora Build, Mora Create, and Mora Inspire.

Mora Build offers the building blocks of an acoustic ceiling with two designs, Arch and Wave, available in nominal square modules from 4 to 8 feet, lit or unlit. Several modules can be combined over large surface areas, resulting in rhythmic and playful ceilings.

Mora Create offers the freedom to design custom-sized, rectangular arrays to fit the exact dimensions of a room using three designs: Ripple, Radiate, or Alpine. Each offers a unique visual aesthetic and allows for placement of continuous luminaires to fulfil the lighting requirements of the space.

Mora Inspire enables the creation of entirely custom, showpiece ceilings with the support of Focal Point’s Architectural Systems’ team.

             “With Mora, our goal is to give specifiers tools to express their creativity with designing complete ceiling systems where lighting is not an afterthought, rather an integral part of the ceiling,” explained Mike McCoy, Acoustics Ambassador. “Mora epitomizes this core design principle, leveraging parametric design tools to seamlessly integrate functional lighting into complex, multi-dimensional ceiling systems. From our simple baffle systems to our award-winning platforms, such as AirCore Bridge™, the ‘lighting first’ approach sets Focal Point apart in the ceiling space and opens new opportunities for our lighting agents and the lighting design community. Both specifiers and contractors appreciate the peace of mind associated with sourcing an engineered, vetted, tested system from a single supplier.”

Seem 1 Acoustic, the backbone of the Mora system, offers direct illumination of 100 to 500 lumens per foot with a regress or wide batwing lens, 3000K, 3500K, or 4000K color temperatures at 80 or 90 CRI, and the integration with 0-10V, DALI, or Lutron EcoSystem® controls. It allows for Mora Create or custom Mora Inspire arrays up to 208 feet in length. The TruBlade baffles can be mounted direct-to-strut with proprietary StrutKlip mounting hardware or magnets or suspended with aerial cables. Spaced 4, 6 or 12 inches apart, they dampen noise and block the view to mechanical elements contained in open ceilings. The closer the on-center spacing of the baffles, the better the sound absorption, concealment of unsightly ceiling components, and rendition of the ceiling motif.

As with all other acoustic solutions from Focal Point, Mora is available in a vast palette of PET felt colors, from neutral to bold, to enhance any interior décor. Containing up to 50 percent post-consumer recycled content, the material in entirely recyclable, Declare Certified and LBC Red List Free. Mora also incorporates the patent pending  AirCore™ Technology, an eco-friendly solution that maximizes sound absorption and reduces ecological impact with a lightweight structure that makes installation easier for every ceiling condition.

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