Fulham Demonstrates SIG-Qualified Bluetooth Mesh Wireless Lighting Control System at LightFair

Fulham Demonstrates SIG-Qualified Bluetooth Mesh Wireless Lighting Control System at LightFair

At LightFair 2019, Fulham displayed its new LED luminaire EliteControl hardware/software solution that uses Bluetooth mesh for wireless lighting control. The wireless luminaire control system includes an LED driver with a Bluetooth mesh interface, a new SmartBridge device for retrofitting luminaires with Bluetooth mesh controls, and an iOS commissioning app. All of Fulham’s Bluetooth mesh solutions have been qualified as interoperable by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG).

Wireless lighting controls provide an extensible, cost-effective way to provide dimming and other luminaire controls using a Bluetooth mesh network. Bluetooth mesh is secure, scalable, and provides-out-of-the-box connectivity. With a Bluetooth mesh ecosystem in place you can control luminaires with wireless light switches, sensors and other Bluetooth-enabled components from a laptop to handheld devices.

“We are getting more requests from distributors and OEMs for wireless controls for luminaires, especially for retrofit projects,” said Alvaro Garcia, Senior Director, Product Management for Fulham. “We now have SIG-qualified Bluetooth drivers modules, bridges, add-on sensors, and even commissioning software. At LightFair we will be showing how you can create an entire luminaire control infrastructure using Fulham’s Bluetooth mesh products.”

The WorkHorse LED Connected Driver is Fulham’s 40W, Bluetooth-ready LED driver with 0-10V dimming. It can be installed as a conventional LED driver and then enabled for Bluetooth mesh by adding an intelligent SmartLink module. Once the SmartLink is connected, the driver is compatible with all third-party SIG-qualified wireless devices such as wall switches and sensors.

To upgrade installed LED luminaires, Fulham has developed the Bluetooth 0-10V SmartBridge. The SmartBridge can be connected to a previously installed 0-10V LED luminaire to add wireless control capabilities. Since it is SIG qualified it can be added to any SIG-qualified Bluetooth mesh ecosystem without disruption. The SmartBridge is ideal for luminaire retrofits, as well as OEMs seeking to develop their own Bluetooth products.

An add-on sensor, the Link and SmartLink+, can be plugged into Fulham Bluetooth products to add motion and light harvesting controls. The sensor is designed to integrate into a Fulham Bluetooth driver or bridge and add automated lighting control support based on room conditions.

Fulham also has developed its own iOS app, eliteBlue, for commissioning, customizing, and monitoring mesh-connected luminaires. eliteBlue can run on iOS-compatible handheld device to customize lighting control parameters commissioning for lighting zones to meet site-specific needs and building energy codes.

            To help OEMs, distributors, and installers get started with Bluetooth mesh, Fulham also has the Bluetooth Mesh Lab Kit. The Kit includes a Fulham SmartBridge, an EnOcean double rocker Bluetooth switch, a 9W Vision LED engine, an iPad with Fulham’s eliteBlue commissioning app installed. It’s ideal for testing new Bluetooth-ready products or experimenting with possible installation scenarios.

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