LG Debuts Lighting Management Solution for Cost-Effective Fixture Control

LG Debuts Lighting Management Solution for Cost-Effective Fixture Control

LG Electronics introduced a new smart lighting control system – the LG Smart Lighting Manager (SLM), a Tier 3 solution that gives customers more options and scalability for a cost-effective alternative to full-scale building management systems.

Unveiled at LIGHTFAIR International, LG’s SLM is a server-based solution that qualifies for utility-driven rebates, providing an affordable new option to help building owners and operators maximize operational efficiencies with their lighting infrastructure. For an added value, SLM purchases come without the burden of licensing fees, where customers only need to purchase the hardware and server to effectively control their lighting fixtures.

“Providing our customers with the tools they need to outfit their buildings with the latest in lighting technology is our top priority,” said Jim Bailey, head of LG’s U.S. lighting business. “At the largest gathering of lighting professionals, we’re showing how LG meets customers’ needs with the introduction of a simple way to control all their lighting with an easy-to-use interface and the LG SLM solution.”

LG’s first-ever server-based lighting management system is the next step in the evolution of lighting controls offered by the company. Complete with an intuitive, HTML5-based interface, LG’s SLM offers flexible new ways to control lighting systems in a variety of applications. For instance, with the ability to manage up to 5,000 lighting fixtures, LG’s SLM allows users to easily control their lighting system whether monitoring data, making adjustments or scheduling through a clean and intuitive interface.

With the added remote browser access, the LG SLM further enables owners and facility managers to manage their system with the click of a button on a number of devices for convenient, on-the-go monitoring and control. Users who make the switch to LG will find a seamless commissioning process that easily tests and sets up lighting fixtures throughout the space in a few simple steps, with the help of LG’s Sensor Connect mobile application.

For more information about LG’s U.S. lighting portfolio, please visit LGlightingUS.com

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