Greenlite Honored with 2021 Inspiring Efficiency Impact Award

CHICAGO, IL – Greenlite Lighting Corporation USA (Greenlite) was recognized with an award from the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (MEEA) as part of their 17th annual Inspiring Efficiency Awards. Greenlite takes home the 2021 Impact Award for Energy Efficiency Food Bank Programs in the Midwest.

As part of its commitment to supporting low-income communities through the COVID-19 crisis, Greenlite measurably expanded the reach of its innovative Utility-Funded Food Bank Programs for Energy Efficiency, particularly in the Midwest, where Greenlite is the key partner for the largest utilities in the region.

Greenlite’s Food Bank Programs showcase one of the many ways that the Woman-Owned & Minority-Owned company has successfully made advanced technology available to income disadvantaged consumers and helped Americans save energy and money at home. By distributing 8M ENERGY STAR LED Bulbs to food banks in 2020 across Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, Greenlite commendably reduced energy consumption in the region by 272,000,000 kWh in 2020 alone. In addition, 65,000 Water Saving Products resulted in water savings of 27,690,000 kWh annually, and 276,900,000 kWh over the span of ten years. Greenlite also engaged in energy-efficiency education and outreach to food bank patrons, which will have a long-term impact on behavioral lifestyle choices thereby bringing continuous advantages to communities.

“Greenlite has developed relationships with over 10,000 organizations in the Midwest that serve the hunger-relief industry. Through these relationships, as well as the generous programs made possible by our utility partners, Greenlite has brought measurable cost savings into the homes of millions of income disadvantaged Americans, which is immensely impactful in the current economic conditions. Although 2020 saw tremendous challenges due to COVID-19, our company’s flexibility, innovation, and purpose-driven dedication to the equitable availability of energy efficiency products, allowed us to exceed expectations” said Nina Gupta, President & CEO, Greenlite.  

Winners were recognized during a virtual awards ceremony on March 23, 2021. The 2021 Inspiring Efficiency Award winners have shown exemplary leadership in advancing energy efficiency across the Midwest. Award recipients have made advancements in energy efficiency in six categories: Leadership, Education, Impact, Innovation, Marketing, and the annual Chairman’s Award.

“This year’s Inspiring Efficiency Award winners have proven to be champions of energy efficiency within their communities, especially in these times of challenge and uncertainty,” said MEEA Executive Directory Stacey Paradis. “The Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance is proud to recognize and honor the commitment of Greenlite Lighting Corporation to Simran Kohli, Director of Business Development and Strategy.”

Greenlite Lighting Corporation USA is a prime manufacturer of energy saving products for the North American market and has been an ENERGY STAR Partner since inception in 1994.

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Greenlite Honored with 2021 Inspiring Efficiency Impact Award

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