Above All Lighting Introduces Moon Series, V-Line and Human Centric at Lightfair 2017  

Above All Lighting Introduces Moon Series, V-Line and Human Centric at Lightfair 2017  


Above All Lighting unveiled its Moon Series post top fixture as well as its V-Line fixtures and Human Centric LED retrofit kit at Lightfair 2017.

“I believe this is an amazing time in our history to be in the lighting business,” said Guy Gaetano, Above All Lighting’s president. “The improvements and advancements are happening at a geometric rate. I can’t wait to see where this industry is ten years from now. I am looking forward to continuing to play a formative role in the process.”

Replicating the shape of the moon, the Moon Series is versatile and is ideal as a Post Top Light or for use in a parking garage and low bay areas. The lamp is warranted for seven years.

With its modern design, the Moon Series can cover a wide-range of lights and is easy to install. It features a multi-level motion sensor and comes with a standard 7-pin receptacle. The lamp is offered in 35, 50 and 75 watts and color temperature ranges from 3000K-5000K.

Above All Lighting’s LED V-Line flood lights feature sleek, modern designs. They allow extraordinary designs that can be customized to the site. The die-case aluminum housing with powder doat finish meets the most demanding market requirements and offer an industry-leading 100,000 high life rating at 40C and are backed with a 5-year warranty.

The V-Line is available in an assortment of watt options ranging from 26W, 38W, 52W, 80W and 100W. Color temperatures range from 4000L to 5000K and options include a high.low motion sensor, on/off motion sensor and photo control.

The light panel in the Human Centric LED retrofit kit is specially designed to create comfortable and natural light for patients and anyone in pursuit of high quality healthy living. Utilizing a 38-watt LED source, the panel mimics the natural Kelvin changes of the sun throughout the day in a typical 2′ x 2′ troffer.

The fixture can be set to run automatically or allows you to change the lighting with one of several presets such as sunrise/sunset, best lighting for reading (4100K) or best for working (5000K). With the wireless adjustable color temperature driver, the Above All Lighting retrofit kit can easily be controlled by a remote control, smartphone or tablet using an available app. Or the LED lamp can also be controlled by the wall switch. The adjustable color temperature ranges is 2700-6500K and has a CRI of more than 80.

The human centric LED Light Troffer retrofit kit is ideal for hospitals, wellness centers, senior living and other healthcare facilities as several studies show that patients heal faster with access to natural light. It is also marketed towards office and commercial buildings and retail environments. The higher Kelvin temperature settings also make it suitable for aging individuals to read and do other activities that involve close-up work.

The human centric troffer retrofit kit has a 50,000-hour L70 life and comes with a five-year limited warranty. The retrofit kit is DLC, ETL and Lighting Facts listed.

For more information, visit: www.abovealllighting.com.


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