Lumark Axcent Provides Significant Energy Savings for Outdoor Lighting Applications

Lumark Axcent Provides Significant Energy Savings for Outdoor Lighting Applications 


Eaton announced the launch of Lumark Axcent Large LED wall mount luminaire, a flush-mounted, architectural design with high performing, energy efficient illumination that provides up to 88 percent energy savings over metal halide equivalents. This all-in-one LED solution features optional advanced controls, including Eaton’s LumaWatt Pro and integrated sensors, for additional energy and maintenance savings and is ideal for pathway illumination, building entrances, vehicle ramps, schools, tunnels, stairways, loading docks and floodlighting applications.

“The Lumark Axcent is a true all-in-one solution for outdoor lighting applications that helps save on energy and maintenance costs, with superior performance, reliability, mounting versatility and fully integrated control options,” said Amy Giacobello, Lumark marketing manager, Eaton’s Lighting Division. “The sleek, yet robust luminaire redefines design and efficiency for any outdoor lighting project.”

The Axcent Large features a die-cast aluminum construction, stainless steel hardware, factory sealed housing and optical compartment, making it water-resistant. With mounting options for downward and inverted wall, floodlight and pole mount applications, the Axcent Large can deliver in nearly any outdoor application. A true all-in-one solution.

These new architectural luminaires are available in full cutoff and refractive lens models, with optional vandal shield and wire guard for impact protection, and emergency battery options for up to 90 minutes of egress emergency lighting.

Additional features of the Lumark Axcent Large LED include: Choice of 56 watt (W), 72W, 102W and 123W models; Standard 4,000 Kelvin (K) color temperature with minimum 70 color rendering index (CRI);    Options for 3,000K or 5,000K color temperatures available; Hook-N-Lock mounting plate design for safe and easy installation.

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