Orbit Industries Universal Deluxe DC Motor Ventilation Fans & Fanlights

Orbit Industries Universal Deluxe DC Motor Ventilation Fans & Fanlights 


Orbit Industries’ Universal Deluxe Ventilation Fans & Fanlights (ODU Series) are among the most versatile fans in the industry. These 2-speed DC -driven vent fans adapt to a variety of whole house ventilation systems. In closed rooms, the ODU can produce powerful spot ventilation of moisture and airborne pollutants.

For continuous ventilation (low speed), dial the ODU series between 30 to 80 cubic feet per minute (CFM). For intermittent (high speed) settings, a dip-switch lets the user preset from 80 to 140 CFM.

Orbit Universal Deluxe Ventilation Fans kick into high speed settings when there are changes in the room. The ODU Series includes either a built-in Motion Sensor or Humidity Sensor, which trigger the higher speeds.

Universal Deluxe Fans and Fanlights with Humidity Sensor (ODU814H) help control bathroom condensation. The humidity sensor can be fine-tuned from 50% to 100% relative humidity. LED Fanlight (ODU814LLH) provides a “night light” that activates from a separate wall switch, and includes a 4” round duct.

Universal Deluxe Fans with Motion Sensor (ODU814M) activate higher fan speed when someone enters the room. Homeowners no longer need to flip a switch to maintain optimal indoor air quality.

Both Motion and Humidity Sensor modules activate delay off timers. These timers can be programmable from 5 to 60 minute delays. This timer ensures the fan does not waste energy and increases unit lifespan.

Orbit Universal Deluxe Fans and Fanlights have fully enclosed DC condenser motors. The motor enclosure ensures quiet operation ranges from 0.3 sones up to a maximum of 1.1 sones.

Each Universal Deluxe fan is ETL and cETL Listed for tub/shower enclosures connected to GFCI protected branch circuits. The ODU series is Home Ventilating Institute (HVI) certified. These fans are also Energy Star Certified, and meet Title 24 energy requirements.

Orbit Industries, Inc. offers distributors a variety of fully-assembled Ventilation Fans and Fanlights including: Recessed Fanlights; Heaters; Economy models; and Low Profile models. Orbit also offers customizable “Contractor Packs”, Decorative Switches, wall-mount Humidity Sensors and replacement fan parts.

To order a free copy of Orbit’s Ventilation Fan & Fanlights catalog, please call (844) 909-0695, or visit: www.orbitelectric.com/ventilation-fans.html.

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