Meyda Lighting Creates Custom Lighting for Johnny’s Lunch and Other Businesses throughout the Nation

YORKVILLE, NY — To fulfill the needs of the iconic Johnny’s Lunch restaurant in Jamestown, New York, Meyda Lighting was called on as a reliable supplier of custom stained glass pendants. Meyda has produced and supplied custom decorative lighting to a variety of businesses for more than 45 years.

See the attached photo of the highly sought-after “Johnny’s Lunch” stained glass pendant featuring the restaurant name and logo. A classic stained glass lighting design paired with charming colors and an iconic restaurant logo, the pendant features Flame colored and White Opal Glass matched together in a grid like patterned around the shade, and on its crown and perimeter. The fixture is enhanced with a Brushed Nickel finish and Brass band. The shade is created using the famous Meyda Tiffany copperfoil construction process, with the Johnny’s Lunch name and friendly server face.

Founded in 1936, the Iconic “Johnny’s Lunch” Jamestown restaurant was opened by Dianne Calamunci’s parents. Dianne and her husband Gust, who have been married for 57 years, took over the restaurant in the 1970s and kept it running smoothly ever since. They keep it simple, serving Texas Hots, hamburgers and homemade milkshakes made with real ice cream, as well as rice pudding. Dianne works out front and Gust is in the back doing food prep and dishes. In a huge crock-pot in the kitchen Dianne reveals forty gallons of Texas Hots Sauce. They have to whip up that amount every other day to keep up with the demand. She says, “People buy it for their picnics and their graduation parties.”

There are probably many reasons that ‘Johnny’s Lunch’ has endured 85 years, but Dianne points to something her father taught her– “always be fair to the customer.” The Meyda Tiffany Pendant and other sought-after collectibles are available at: Johnny’s Lunch is at 966 Fairmount Avenue, Jamestown, NY. There’s more info at their website-

Meyda Lighting is a Meyda Tiffany Company and a leading manufacturer and designer of custom and decorative lighting and supplier of Tiffany art glass lamps, fixtures and windows.  Founded in 1974, Meyda’s roots date back to the early 1900s supplying Tiffany Studios with original lighting products, including the original Coca-Cola stained glass fixtures. For more information, visit:

Meyda Lighting Creates Custom Lighting for Johnny's Lunch and Other Businesses throughout the Nation

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