Molex Introduces Woodhead ArcArrest 30A Switch-Rated Connector System

Molex Introduces Woodhead ArcArrest 30A Switch-Rated Connector System


Molex announces its Woodhead ArcArrest 30A Switch-Rated Connector System, designed to safely de-energize machinery, lighting and power distribution systems.  The ArcArrest system simplifies lockout/tagout procedures and helps protect against injury due to hazardous energy released in industrial and commercial operations.

“Plant technicians servicing and maintaining machines may be placed at risk if hazardous energy is not properly controlled during operation and when powering down a machine.  Proving there is no power in the circuit supplying a machine can be time consuming, with serious ramifications if not properly handled,” says Tom Beranek, product manager, Molex.  “The ArcArrest system provides clear visual proof that power has been disconnected in accordance with OSHA standards.”

The Woodhead ArcArrest switch-rated connector helps prevent hazardous energy release while energizing or de-energizing machines, and during lockouts for service and maintenance.  Spring-loaded silver-nickel contacts provide switching capabilities similar to a rotary switch or contactor.  Unlike standard industrial disconnect switches, which are not always located in close proximity to equipment and may require an electrician to perform lockout/tagout procedures, the ArcArrest system provides fast and positive confirmation of compliance.  Pressing the pawl on the receptacle ejects the plug to its rest position and de-energizes the system.  Rotating the plug allows for removal and closes a dead-front shutter on the receptacle.

Woodhead ArcArrest connector assemblies incorporate high value features including finger drawplates and plug caps.  A smooth, contoured housing design makes the ArcArrest system suitable for conveyors, process equipment and packaging machines in food processing applications requiring frequent wash downs.  The NEMA 4X and IP69K-rated system eliminates ingress of dust and water when the system is connected or disconnected.  Critical components of the UL 2682-rated ArcArrest system are reinforced to deliver excellent strength and complete UL material compliance.

“The Woodhead ArcArrest sealed plug and receptacle system provides a robust and economical solution to quickly de-energize industrial equipment, enhance safety and boost plant uptime,” adds Beranek.

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