New, Color-Keyed, SMT Test Points from Keystone Electronics

New, Color-Keyed, SMT Test Points from Keystone Electronics

Identification of test points in high-density PCB packages is key for greater PCB production testing and service troubleshooting.  Keystone Electronics has developed a new series of surface mountable test points with colored insulator bases as an addition to their line of rugged test points which replace wire-wrap posts and turret terminals.

These new test points are manufactured in Phosphor bronze with a silver plate for superior soldering and low electrical resistance for a variety of applications.  The colored identification bases are manufactured of high-temperature nylon, suitable for most SMT reflow solder operations with an operating temperature of up to 150°C.  They are available in 10 different colored bases: Red, Black, White, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Green, Blue, Purple and Gray.

The sturdy design allows for multiple cycles of use with a variety of gripping devices, hooks, tips and probes.  Delivery is from stock through Keystone’s global distribution network. On-line ordering is available.

A major manufacturer of interconnect components and electronic hardware, Keystone’s capabilities include stamping, machining and assembly services.  Application engineering assistance for product modifications and special designs are also available.  ISO-9001:2015 certified and RoHS compliant, company headquarters are in the USA with offices in Canada, Europe, Australia and Asia.

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