Rosendin’s Training Program Ranked Among Best in Country

Training Magazine recognizes electrical contracting company’s training and development teams

SAN JOSE, CA – Rosendin is proud to announce its Human Resources and Leading and Development (L&D) Teams have been recognized among the best employee development programs in the nation. In February, Training Magazine ranked Rosendin as the fifth-best program in its list of 2021 Training Top 100 Organizations.

Training Magazine’s Top 100 recognizes companies that provide the best employee training and development based on financial investment, scope of program, how it links to company objectives, and impact on business. This is the third year in a row that Rosendin has made the Top 100 list, having climbed three spots from last year.

“We are thrilled to see Rosendin’s Human Resources and Leading and Development Teams receive recognition for helping employees accelerate professional growth during the pandemic,” said Mike Greenawalt, Rosendin CEO. “Thanks to these teams, our workforce can access online learning and follow a roadmap for career growth that supports Rosendin’s goals of attracting and developing top industry performers.”

In March 2020, Rosendin’s training team shifted to 100% virtual instructor-led training and expanded training classes by 53%, accommodating more learners and realizing cost efficiencies. For example, both the Project Management Bootcamp and Field Supervision Bootcamp trained twice as many people in 2020 while seeing cost efficiencies greater than 37%.

“Across all aspects of the department, and including budget returned to the company, we have saved $1.5 million, helping our team avoid layoffs and furloughs due to the pandemic,” said Vice-President of Quality and Training Lisa Vere. “The ultimate goal is to develop a workforce that is engaged and actively advancing their careers while living Rosendin’s core values, so we will continue to utilize virtual instructor-led training for the foreseeable future across all divisions.”

To help employees navigate training opportunities, Rosendin launched additional competency maps through LinkedIn Learning, driving over 150,000 video views in just the first three quarters of 2020. Rosendin also adapted and expanded leadership programs to overcome unconscious bias and help promote diversity and inclusion. This included moving Leadership Academy to an application process, launching an Emerging Leaders program, and creating Study Action Groups led by executives. 

“We also have a robust talent pipeline which includes the apprenticeship program, summer internships, and mentoring,” said Training Coordinator Kayla Hart. “These programs have helped our company achieve a 100% internal promotion rate for leadership positions and a turnover rate of 3 percent, which is 18% percent below the national average for our industry.”

With a mission of “Building Quality – Building Value – Building People”, Rosendin promotes a diverse and inclusive workforce for skilled and unskilled workers interested in construction, engineering, technology, office management, and other career paths.

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Rosendin’s Training Program Ranked Among Best in Country

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