SATEC PRO Series High-Accuracy Energy Meters Connect with 3-Phase AC or DC Input

SATEC, Inc. introduces the PRO Series of precision energy meters. This advance-technology line of DIN-rail and panel-mounted meters connect to either 3-phase AC or DC voltage and current inputs, allowing use of the same meter for substation and distributed energy resources. The innovative new look of the meters’ intuitive, colorful icon-based graphical user interface (GUI) facilitates easy configuration set up and data display. 

The PRO Series power meters’ modular design bundles into a single integrated electrical device (IED), a number of important functions, useful features and benefits: AC (Three-phase + Neutral) and DC Inputs – only product in this class offering both AC (10-1000V) and DC (10-3000V) in the same meter; Revenue-Grade Accuracy – ANSI C12.20 Class 0.2, IEC 62053-22, IEC 61557-12 class 0.2; Intuitive Color Display – icons facilitate easy set-up and display; Dual Ethernet Ports – two independent IP addressable ports; Comms Protocols – DNP3/DNP3.0/TCP (level 2), IEC61850 and Modbus protocols; Expandable Modular I/O – analog and digital I/O for substation automation functionality; PLC Functionality – provides up to 64 programmable  setpoints; 16GB On-Board Memory – for extensive energy profiling and power quality event recording; Seamless Integration – with SATEC ExpertPower, DNP and other 3rd party platforms; Power Quality – recording of harmonics, crest factor, k-factor and event capture of sags/swells;  Economical – exceptional functionality in this class of meter.

“With the rapid expansion of dual-source (AC/DC) power monitoring applications, such as microgrids and other distributed energy resources on the utility distribution system, there is a growing need for a device to track efficiency and performance,” said Eric Lambert, SATEC’s Tech Services Director. “The ability of the new PRO Series to accommodate both traditional AC metering – as well as DC – offers utilities a cost-effective and highly adaptable solution.”

A comprehensive data sheet and informative brochure are available online. For more information, visit:

SATEC PRO Series High-Accuracy Energy Meters Connect with 3-Phase AC or DC Input

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