Schneider Electric Improves Efficiency and Productivity with Qwik-Grip Wire Management System

Schneider Electric Improves Efficiency and Productivity with Qwik-Grip Wire Management System


Schneider Electric introduced the Qwik-GripTM wire management system, a new innovative feature for its Square DTM Plug-on Neutral Load Centers. Already known for saving time by eliminating pigtails on arc-fault and dual-function breakers, Plug-on Neutral Load Centers take efficiency and productivity even further with Qwik-Grip, simplifying installation and saving electrical contractors time and money.

Qwik-Grip is a groundbreaking design element that shaves time off of each load center installation and enhances electrical contractors’ efficiency and productivity on the job site. Qwik-Grip makes rough-ins easier by removing the need for knockouts and wire connectors while reducing the likelihood of installation mistakes, call backs and the number of parts needed on the job site. Qwik-Grip also makes remodeling jobs and service changes easier and more straightforward – contractors can now simply remove the Qwik-Grip insert, leaving a convenient opening to pull in existing branch feeders.

“Schneider Electric continuously delivers innovation at every level for our customers by providing new solutions that make our customers’ jobs easier,” says Pankaj Lal, senior offer manager, Square D by Schneider Electric.“ The Plug-on Neutral Load Center with Qwik-Grip more than accomplishes this goal, simplifying installation efforts by eliminating the need for pigtails and excess wiring, reducing time and saving costs for electrical contractors in the residential space. In fact, our time tests show that with the addition of Qwik-Grip installations are faster than with traditional load centers.”

When installing a load center or doing a rough-in, knockouts typically present difficulties for electrical contractors in terms of the time and effort required to complete them. “[With Qwik-Grip,] I can get the installation done that much quicker – the knockouts, connectors, getting the wires in – it bypasses all of that. With that time, I can do other things – bid jobs, pick up materials, those things that I’d normally have to do after the job is done,” said David Garrett, an electrical contractor and Schneider Electric customer.

The Plug-on Neutral Load Center with Qwik-Grip is designed for QO™ and Homeline™ residential load center applications. Key features and benefits include: Ease of installation – Qwik-Grip simplifies rough-ins by significantly reducing the number of knockouts needed for each load center installation; Time savings – Contractors spend less time unkinking wires, pulling wire through knockouts, struggling with frozen knockouts, installing filler plugs and counting out dozens of connectors to bring to each job site; Cost savings – The number of connectors needed is reduced, speeding up rough-in time.

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