Sprig Electric Realigns Executive Leadership Team

Sprig Electric Realigns Executive Leadership Team


SAN JOSE, CA— Sprig Electric has announced the appointment of a new President and Executive Team structure.

“Sprig has built a legacy in Silicon Valley,” said Snyder. “With these changes, we have positioned Sprig to continue this legacy for years to come. I’m excited about the potential this new team brings to Sprig as we find new and innovative ways to exceed expectations.”

Mark Mandarelli has been named the company’s new President and will continue to serve as Sprig’s Chief Information Officer (CIO). In his capacity as President, Mandarelli is responsible for overseeing the company’s corporate operations and locations, ranging from Sprig’s headquarters in San Jose to its regional offices in San Francisco and Livermore. Mandarelli has served the construction industry in varying capacities for over 20 years and brings more than 12 years of executive experience to the position. Mandarelli is passionate about working with others to strive for operational excellence; his long-term goal for Sprig is to establish an operational standard that will set them apart in the industry and deliver enhanced value to clients.

To accomplish this goal, Sprig is introducing a new role to the executive team. Laura Lacomblé joins Sprig as their Chief People Officer. Lacomblé oversees organizational development, human resources strategy, talent management, learning and development, and employee engagement. Lacomblé holds an MS in organizational development and has served as a Director and Vice President of Human Resources for several mid-sized to large scale organizations.

Existing Executive Team members with new roles include Hossein Tofangsazan as Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), Matt Nelson as Chief Project Management Officer (CPMO), and Rob Valderrama as Chief Project Delivery Officer (CPDO).

Hossein Tofangsazan, P.E., Chief Revenue Officer, is responsible for all revenue generation within Sprig, as part of the company’s business development effort. Tofangsazan is also accountable for driving better integration between related functions such as marketing, sales, customer support, estimating, and revenue management.

Matt Nelson, Chief Project Management Officer, is responsible for all project management within Sprig, ensuring that each project team has effective leadership and appropriate project management methodology. A veteran of the electrical construction industry for over 25 years, Nelson links all project management efforts into Sprig’s overall business strategy.

Rob Valderrama, Chief Project Delivery Officer, is responsible for all project deliverables across the engineering, design, procurement and labor operation teams. In that capacity, Valderrama will streamline operations across these groups to facilitate the delivery of value from Sprig to its clients. Valderrama has over two decades of experience serving the construction industry in roles such as Superintendent, General Superintendent, and Director of Field Operations.

Clint Ramsey will continue to serve Sprig as Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Ramsey manages all financial operations which include general accounting, treasury/banking/cash management, tax and compliance, payroll, and financial reporting. Ramsey is a certified public accountant with over 25 years of experience in operational and corporate accounting.

Industry veterans Mike Jurewicz, Rick Clinton, and Mike Glogovac will remain involved in Sprig operations and serve on the Board of Directors.

Mike Jurewicz, former Chief Operating Officer, will focus his efforts on special projects while Rick Clinton and Mike Glogovac remain as Executive Vice Presidents. Clinton will continue to manage their San Francisco division while Glogovac focuses on aligning the estimating division with their business development efforts.

In addition to the ELT realignment, Sprig is also announcing changes to their company branding. As of today, they have adopted “Sprig” in its traditional script text to be their official corporate logo.

For more information, visit Sprig Electric’s website at: www.sprigelectric.com.


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