Zumtobel Case Study – WHITE & CASE, Los Angeles

Zumtobel Case Study - WHITE & CASE, Los Angeles


LOS ANGELES, CA – After a decade in the same location, international law firm White & Case seized an opportunity to create a more flexible, modern work environment when the company moved its Los Angeles office to a new 33,000 square foot space. White & Case has a distinguished record of serving companies, governments and financial institutions around the globe, and the new LA office pays homage to the firm’s history, while offering a fresh, contemporary and collaborative approach.

Interior design by Clay Pendergrast of HOK blends classic design elements that connote law offices, such as wood paneling, stone floors and a custom stair, with a balance of modern, light and transparent finishes. Bright white ceilings and marble floors contrast with the dramatic ebony veneer paneling and polished copper luminaires, creating a contemporary, yet warm, atmosphere reminiscent of hospitality design. The office is elegant, yet practical, with flexible details like reconfigurable folding walls that open to double the size of the reception area with space from the adjacent multipurpose room.

Lighting design is critical in the new White & Case workspace – throughout the office, luminaires are significant design elements, not only a source of illumination. A consistent copper finish across all luminaires brings an added level of warmth and contrast to the cool white walls and ceilings. In the conference room, custom finish LINCOR pendant luminaires by Zumtobel provide general lighting with high-quality direct and indirect light. Eight-foot runs of LINCOR evenly illuminate the long conference table, while gently brightening the white ceiling.

“For the White & Case project, the LINCOR luminaire was chosen for the quality direct and indirect lighting it delivers. With the availability of a custom copper finish, LINCOR was the perfect pairing of high-performance light with the desired design aesthetic.” –Clay Pendergrast, Director of Interior Design HOK.

For more information on Zumtobel and its products, visit: www.zumtobel.us.

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