For The Next 6 Weeks, Oregon’s Electricians Will Save More Than $2 Million

For The Next 6 Weeks, Oregon's Electricians Will Save More Than $2 Million


A New Modernized Electrical License Renewal System Promises to Save The State’s Electrical Tradesmen Millions, Starting Right Now.

PORTLAND, OR – /PRNewswire/ — The 10,000 Oregon electricians who will renew their licenses over the next 6 weeks will save more than $2,000,000 renewing their electrical licenses with This figure is conservative given the average price of earning 24 hours of electrical continuing education in Oregon is about ~$340.’s Online Electrical Continuing Education system finally brings together the smartest and most qualified industry professionals with the most well-crafted online course experience currently in existence.

Maybe your employer pays for your Oregon Electrical License Renewal or maybe you do? Either way there is 2 million dollars in savings now available.

So, go ahead and help the electrical community benefit from this, save yourself a few hundred dollars this renewal cycle, and pass it on. Spread the news, pass it around, help your fellow electricians and the electrical industry as a whole and tell people about this brand-new money saving opportunity this year that is going on right now as of today.

We asked some electricians who have already used the system what they thought:

“This is extremely easy to use and I completed credit hours faster than anywhere else!” – T.G. Pederson. “The course was easy and the cheapest I have seen anywhere, I highly recommend it.” – A. Henry. is a nationally approved online electrical license renewal / electrical continuing education provider dedicated to its electricians. They Are Approved by the Oregon Building Codes Division (BCD) – Electrical Board to offer Oregon electrical continuing education courses for Oregon electricians’ license renewal. All courses are reciprocal with Washington State & many more states for free.  Visit:


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